Paramount's Carowinds

To celebrate "April Fools Day" we had a ton of fools
meet us up at Paramount's Carowinds.

We started the day with hugs, squeezes, and whatknought.

Here is our first attempt at a group photo, but four people are missing!
(Front row L-R: Brooks, Karen, Brad, Amanda, Brian, Alicia, Teddy.
Back L-R: Clint, Steve, Jennifer, Tommy, James, Josh, Brandi)

So after a few rides on Top Gun, the gang took ova the flyers like a bunch of ACE geeks.
Too bad Sean could not make it today. Oh well, he needs to get used to the fact that
they are not his flyers anymore, anyway.

While the gang was getting they first rides on Top Gun, I was busy gettin all these Dora
Dollas like whut? I role that way, with cash monies. Thanks Scott!

There two hoochies are our two official trip photographers.....and whoooores.

Looks like Steve has made no improvements, since our Winterfest trip, in his snapping abilities....or should I say disabilites.

James, yea hi. That is my sister, so she is like your sister-in-law.

Everyone wants to wait to get on Borg, so we we split up to go get Jeffrey an Bryan in.

Que Kill Bill music now.

Oh wow, Steve with a camera. That's shocking.

Jeffrey decided to stroll in an hour late with Bryan. He manages to find a taxi driver in Charlotte who can't speak english #1, and #2 can't find Carowinds. Yea, hi.

Back at Borg, the peeps are still in the heat waiting.

Josh thinks he has found the perfect shot to enter the ACE photo contest with.
"I bet no one will use this shot!"

Yea you are right, this is a great shot. Thanks for the tip.

Look! It's Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Nicole Ritchie chillin' with a Borg support.

Karen informs security that this guy tired to sneak in a few of his grandchildren
withour paying. That scores her 5 Dora dollars!

Scooby was amazed at the amount of jel in Brian's hair deuceday.

We decide to go to Wings to spend some of our Dora dollars. Brooks feels quite pimpish.

We were all ballin' with our chedda at Wings.

"Oh shizznit! I forgot my hat!!!"

This pudding is off the hinDges!

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