Six Flags Over Georgia
ACE Spring Fling Event 2006

James wanted to wear this outfit to Spring Fling but it was raining when we got up.

Jarsh was they at the crack of dawn, using his ACE powers for good and not evil.

"Can someone point out where Goliath is?"

"Yeah hi, it's raining and we are not riding Goliath yet."

Lurking over at the Goblet Toss was Michael, aka Memphish, so we snatched him
and made him our bitch of the day.

It's raining and James does not even have PMS! See, we told you it was PKD!

Kevin is upset becuase he has no one to grope. Where is Brandi....or Joe?

"I am confused. Why am I not riding, yet I have this laminate on?
Do they not know who I am or......"

While we waited for the rain to stop, Joe and I posed and modeled to pass the time.

This is Alicia's "Ultimate Fighter" pose, but no one felt threatened.

So Derek was checking his MySpace page to see if he got any new friend request.
He didn't.

"Yeah hi, so would it speed things along if I used this Primeval Whirl FastPass or....?"

A bunch of ACErs decided to practice holding they hands up in anticipation for they first
rides on Goliath...but then they got tired and put them back down.... we listened to Joe's Ipod and did some singing for all the peeps.

Derek was getting hungry, I mean he IS an ACER and all.

So he checked the calories in these Starburst jellybeans......

...and he decided to just eat his fist instead,

James' toll face emerged during hour 2 of our wait.

Jarsh showed off his new pre-paid Razor phone.

Ok Jennifer, they aint no cameras up in hurr. You aint got to acts like you is scurred
of roller coasters anymore.

"Time goes slowly."

Ok, so after like 3 hours of waiting, James gets his first ride on Goliath
and it brings a tear to his eye.

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