Busch Gardens Williamsburg

This was our very first trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg ever and I was totally flipping excited and whatknought.

Yeaaaaa, it looks like a good coaster! AND it's not raining today!

Thank you AMEX for our free tickets...don't hate bitches!

It was not that busy today so we should have a good day... as long as
James' PMS does not act up..AGAIN!

Here is a water ride that we did not want to ride.

DarKastle is they new attraction in deucethousand and five. It was pretty good
but it's no Spiderman....but still fun!

I hate when people talk on their phones and drive at the same time!

Interlocking loops are off the chain!

Love the first drop...AND Corkey rode behind me. DAMN ME for not
buying that onride pic!

We are proud to introduce and brand new fan...John AKA Theme Park Diva
As you can see he was way more happy to be seen with me than James.

I was a little worried when I met him because he likes to come to parks in full drag....(that is why he shaves his head, the wigs fit better), but he had no problem changing into street clothes to blend into a butcher image...like me and James.

Alpie was the shizznit, BUT not as good as Montu...I mean, WHAT IS Brian?


I love all the coasters a BGW, but they had a little stacking problem with most today.

Big Hairy Bad Wolf was the lick for shizzle!

They were running three trains on BBW, and as you can see, one is being loaded
and two are waiting on the break run.

Pigs in a Kilt.

Pig in a scooter.

As you can see, they is all decorated for Halloweens.

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