South Of The Border

Located on the border of SC and NC, much like Carowinds, is another major
theme park....South of the Border!

Before Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro was famous in South Carolina.

This place is straight up high class luxuriousness!

There is so much to do here that I don't know where to begin!

You are here...and by here I mean the Ghetto.

Pedroland Park offers some exciting attractions....when it's open,
including Pedro's Reality Ride..

Here you can see they Wild Mouse coaster. It has been SBNO for like 3 years now.

Under this Epcot-esque dome is the indoor pool at the South of the Border hotel.
Like I said, high class all the way here!

Explore your leather fantasy..with 100 different salsas!

For those who like to get they antique on, they is antiques. Porkey's is close by for...
whatever Porkey offers...perhaps pork products, or Cop uniforms.

It sure is a double edge blade!

Let's take a stroll inside this store and see what kind of items we can buy!

Wow, you can buy Cedar Point merchandise here. Amazing!

Son Of Beast back scratchers!

Finally, something I can use. Bags and bags of dog shit!

What a shockingly original picture!

For some reason, I am intrigued...
but then I found out that dirty old mens are not for sale.

For $1, you can ride up Pedro's glass elevator and walk around his giant
sombrero, and get a great view of absolutely nothing.

Mexico is famous for it's hot dogs....

...and large apes.

Thank you South Of the Border. We LOVE you!

Next stop, Tommy and Brian in TEXAS!
Sea World Texas, SFOT, SFFT, and goodbye to Astroworld!