Hi errbody. We is at Dollyfood deuceday!

We met up with Gap member Mike aka Hilltopper aka Wufansomething.
What is he staring at?

So we got the Dollywood Q-bot, which is just like the Sux Flags one...except the Dollywood version cost WAY less and you don't have to go to the rides to reserve them.

Seriously James, how many chins do you need?

Mike likes the way James handles that weenie.

Wow, look who shows up late....shocking.

Oh, that's why.

Brian got a job at Dollywood as a photographer.

We made that lady take our picture next.

Kris is due any second now.

I can't believe the stuff kids wear on they clothes these days!

So the water effects were not as strong this time, and no one got wet....on the ride anyway.

Check out this awesome REVERSE mullet.


If you can get past the dude picking his nose, you can see
Nicole was totally dissing us today.

Hi here is EVERY single train on Mystery a nice little line.

James looks sooo butch...just like a lesbian.

45 minutes?

Try 7 minutes.

Fanny packs. A belt and a purse....what can't they do?

"Baby Zonga ran for the exit!"

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