Alabama Adventure
Rip Roarin' Rampage Event 2006

This was my first trip to the former Visionland now called Alabama Adventure.

The parking fee is only $7, but dont even think about leaving or you will pay to get back in.

The entrance.....duh.

The first thing that greets me as I enter? Back titties! EWWWW YOU!

Here is a layout of the park which also has a popular water park called Splash Beach.

Wow! It's like we are at Holiday World!

What kind of boomerang is this?

Rampage dominates the entire park. This park is quite hilly. It even gives
Dollywood a run for it's moneys when it comes to hills.

Yummy! Food on sticks. Everything taste better on a stick.

Alicia has her own meat stick to fill her VORACIOUS appetite.

So it's time for my first free soda of the day, thanks.
Ell Oh Ell to Big FUN on Jarsh's hand!

Little Biggie Smalls enjoys the childrens bidet located at the entrance to Magic City.

"Come on down to the Family Grill! Get all the peeps close to you a new smile!
Now featuring all gold on the bottom and diamonds on the top!"

So the scooters at Alabama Adventure are very powerful due to all the hills.

Welcome to Marvel City! Here you can....

.....marvel at all the jail bait in bikinis.....

...marvel at pregnant women in tube tops......

...marvel that people can wear swim suits ANYWHERE at Alabama Adventure!

Yeah HI! Rampage is why we are here. Time for our first credit!

The first drop on Rampage reminds me of LeDgend, but longer and smoother.

The red train is being refurbished, and I hope the blue train is next.

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