Alton Towers
Stroke-On-Kent, England

Today we are at Alton Towers!

It's important to start the day with a nutritious breakfast.

First up was a visit to UG land. It reminds me of the Flintstones.

First ERT of the day was Rita: Queen of Speed.

The tallest parts of the ride are painted a greenish color to help blend in with the trees. Whatever.

Don't hate bitches!

Rita has a great launch right out of the loading station.

Even tho Rita is a short ride, it has great pops of air and overall was alot of fun.

Later Rita became Queen of Ques.

Heeey Dadddyyy walking behind Paul with the muscles and whatknought.

James makes great tripod.

So yea, these are the type of waits I can deal with.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was they new dark ride.

WTF? Gremlins? How old is that shizznit?

Behind that cute bush is Oblivion. Can you see it?

Behind this big head is Oblivion. Can you see it?

Here it is! It was fun but after riding Sheikra, it was just ok.

You do down, under the ground, back out, around a turn and then it's over.

Don't look down bitches!

Nicole found another ride that she liked.

Hex was a really well themed mad house located inside the castle.

Parts of the towers are being rennovated at the moment.

They have butt plug bushes also!

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