Walt Disney World Resort
Disney's Animal Kingdom

James and I decided to go to Walt Disney World for a luxurious 3-day weekend. We were excited about Expedition Everest having sneak previews so we headed ova to check it out.

Just ingnore the fact that James has his shirt tucked #1, and no belt #2.
Just focus on me.

"Yeah hi, when do we eat?" Can you find the fake tree?

There is the mountain lurking off in the distance. It looks sweet!

Leave it to Jeffrey to find the ghey bars.
No thanks Jeff, we are here to ride.....coasters.

Yeah! Finally we are here and there is no one in the que!

Here is the drop out of the mountain, which I call the "Mindbender 3rd loop element."

While waiting in line, you can enjoy a delicious Scat platter.

Looks "chilly yet cold", as James would say.

OMFG! The track is totally messed up!

Jeff tries to sign to me what he wants to do to me.

The double helix is off the hinDges!

The line must be getting longer becuase they have added the 4th train.

I give Expedition Everest two dubs up!

Here is the train going back into the mountain before the double helix-atories.

I had a flashback and thought we were at Dollywood,
but then noticed the lack of bar-b-que.

Ummm yeah, hi. I think this area has done been excavated as far as you can go.

We arrive at Dino-Rama land ville or whatever to ride another coaster credit that Brian
does not have.

...then I had another Dollywood flashback!

Hi everybodyyyyy. Here we are on Disney's version of Cheetah.

Now on to page deuce. Brrrrrrrrrr.

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