Beech Bend Park
Rumblefest Event 2006

This luxurious sign greets you as you enter Beech Bend Park.

Beech Bend keeps they cows and coasters behind fences.

There is golf cart, bicycle, and 4-wheeler parking for your convenience.

It started raining so these people, in the water park, were forced to stand under these
umbrellas so that they would not get their swim suits wet.

Looks like Michael has his camera ready to check out some hot babes in the water park.

This is the Beech Bend Amphitheater. Reserved seating is luxurious.

Multicolored logs are high class and another sign!

The Kentucky Rumbler! The reason we are here!

James flashed his Heather laminate to get us right up in the front of the line.

Brandon and Brian are expecting they first child after last night's stay in Satan's Lodge.

This ride is basically a smaller verson of Thunderhead and it's really amazing.

You are really going fast into the first drop.

There is lots of air and headchoppers and whatknought and whathaveyou.

The whole ride is smooth and fast. It's a top 5 woodie for me.

It's HU LARRY US to know that if you turn 180 degrees from this view......... see this.

Jarsh worked the exit ramp for a while, and then headed down to the gift shop.

James has found his color. Fagulous!

This butch girl needs to shave.

What does this remind me of?

Proof positive that Joe is Mex'ican.

After playing with the wigs, we realized that there are still credits to be had, so we left.

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