Today we met up with two new peeps representin the G.A.P. forum, Jeffrey Jizzle and
Allison Y2Kizzle. Jeffrey totally got us in the park for free so I immediately like him alot.

See those little people in the back? That is Brian, Brad, Alicia and Keith. See James and myself rode the tram and got to the entrance quick. They should learn by now to stick close by me. (ie Florida Turnpike incident)

James lubricates his lips in anticipation for today's festivities.

Did I mention that Brian does not have the Kumba credit? AND to top that off, IRISH THUNDER is down today too! WTF?

"La la la...LA Laaaaaaa." At BGT, we feel free to express our homosensualness.

KaTonga is BGT's new musical about a stuggling ghey stripper who is recovering from be addicted to beastility and moves to the jungle only to be tempted by all these hot animals.

Brad is on the prowl today.

Alicia has got to ride Montu first so that it can be her 100th credit.

Errrrbody loves they Montu!

Ummm, yeaaa......please don't take your cameras on Montu. It will be taken and smashed to pieces. Some moron on the front row caused the train to be stopped on the lift.

James gives Allison some pointers on acting feminine. James knows all the secrets.

Look, it's the people who yet again made us wait on them cause they wanted to ride
in the front row.

Okay, we have been at Montu an acceptable amount of time. NEXT!

James is not trying to hear Alicia and her trauma and constant complaining. "I need to buy a scrunchy..I need to ride these coasters in a particular order...I need to change my feminine napkin....blah blah blah."

Here Jeffrey shows me some of his "sexual" techniques.

Looks like Jame found his pimp daddy hat. He wanted a BGT souviner and what else
would remind you of BGT than his hat?

"Hey guys, guys, if we go this way....is anyone listening to me? I have a BGT AP
and come here all the time so I know my way around this park and stuff"

Ummmm, yea hi. Allison wanted everyone to play with her cheesburger boobs.

Brad was Brian and Alicia's camera bitch. Everytime Alicia would see something she
liked, she was all "Ohh, look at that! Take a picture of ME standing in front of it"

Check out this luxurious beer bottle tree. BGT say that money is not an option when decorating they parks.

James was so happy to get a snack and a FREE beer. He loves this park now.

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