Busch Gardens Tampa
Florida Extravaganza 2007

We begin our vacation week with a visit to Boosh to get our last non-floorless train rides on Sheikra before they change out the trains. Call this number and hear how old she is.

They gots they bushes in the shape of animals like they do at WDW.

So yeah, we had to wait in these long lines for Montu.

Don't hate because we got re-rides and stuff. GAP benefits.

After we got like a million rides on Montu, we decided to pose for a few pics.

You gots to push yo momma and your momma's baby.....must suck to be you.

Let's see how long I can do the homosensual walk with James before he freaks out.

Yeah hi, let's go get on the sky ride and whatknought...with our lips.

Now we can check out all the other rides that we won't have to wait for today...

....like Sheikra....

....and Kumba!

They have a countdown to the new floorless trains.

The GP are all "What? I don't get it? What is different?"

They bushes are all growing ova they tracks!

This was Brandi's first ride on She Kee Ra and she loved it.

I got douched taking this pic.....for realz.

I think James is ret to eat.

I love they Sheikra statue ova they resturant.

Next was Kumba. Still intense and stuff.

Oh Jamessssss!

I still don't have this coaster credit!

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