Busch Gardens Tampa
Florida Extravaganza 2007 page 2

So Busch Garden's Rino Rally is the Wal Mart to Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro
Safari's Barneys.

My luxury meter is at an all time low right now....(BTW All Time Low are amazing).

The sleeping ACEr exhibit was awesome!

I think James has a turtle head poking out....AGAIN!

Meet Ms. Juggs and her abs o'steel.

Notice how Grandma can double fist her beer and balance her crutches at the same time? That is called talent-atories.

I don't think Brandi likes her brew. She prefers a lady's drink.....Zima.

I feel so butch....and un-Christian! Oh well, Jerry Fallwell is burning now, so I do have something to celebrate.

Oh look, something that needs to be destroyed and something that has been destroyed.

Jeffrey decides to rock climb..on the restrooms....again.

I've got an idea, let's so see.....

..the dead lion cub exhibit.


Now at Busch Gardens, you can get your very own Safari Glamour Shots!

Wow! This tent is more luxurious than our room at the Pop Century Resort,
but more on that later.

Um, yeah....are people still doing this?

James was so relieved that he did not wear his back stockings today.
Don't want to burn those calves.

Next stop, Disney's Animal Kingdom!