Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool, England

We made it! Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

First ERT is on Big Dipper.

I love the luxurious flowers and fountains in the coaster station.

As you can see, I use very technical equipment to film my POVs.

The kids are excited to be riding the DUUURRRRRR's coaster.

Did I mention that we are at Blackpool!?

Everywhere you look, all you can see are layers rides and coasters.

Oh look, there is our room on the third floor!

Two people per seat. We need one more.

Next ERT was on Steeplechase.

I count this as three credits, thanks.

Red Rum! RED RUM!

Let's take a ride on BLING BLING!

So yeah, it looks a lot more fun than it is. The one at Thorpe rules this one's ass.

Everyone tho up a dub for some Bling! Come on Jim, you can do it!

Can you get the big one?

Next coaster we had ERT on was the cleverly named coaster, Roller Coaster.

Check out these cool trains. It's like a couch on wheels.

Look at everyone standing behind the yellow line with no air gates! Something you will never see in the States. Stupid Americans!

Roller Coaster is a fun classic coaster.

Can you count the number of rides in this pic? They are EVERYWHERE!

Space Invader Deuce was really fun. The theming reminded me of Disaster Transport at Cedar Point.

James would make such a cute ASStronaut.

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