Blackpool Pleasure Beach page 2

Finally we get our ERT on The Big One!

The back seat should be off the hinDges!

There is our hotel again, and you can see the Big Dipper and Steeplechase.

Here you can see even more coasters. This park rules!

So yea, this coaster is not the smoothest coaster out they.

There is the flume ride rumored to be removed soon for a new ride.

James' hair blends in with the sky. BTW, you take this helix going like 5 mph.

Oh Jaaaammmeesssss.

Next credit, Zipper Dipper!

Zipper Dipper is a kiddie woodie.

Big men in little trains.

Here you can see where it goes in and out of the Space Invader's holes.

We all agree that this Magic Mountain is better than the one in the States.

Hell to the YES! They Wild Mouse is not only historical, but its EFFING crazy!

Nicole is about to get her boobs smashed in.

Yea, you do not want to stand up on this ride.

I had to duck to clear this track crossing the lift hill.

Look at all the twists and turns. Delicious!

Revolution! This ride takes up so much room!

There is a recording on this ride that says "Get ready for the most intense ride of your life!" and it plays before you leave the station. ELL OH ELL!

Yea I am whore AND WHUT?

It was a nice day out, so the parents took out they pet kids for a walk. How cute.

Yet another one of they dark rides. I think Walt stole ideas for DL from a lot of these parks.

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