Blackpool Pleasure Beach page 3

Time for a snackette!

Our first fish and chips of the trip. So yea, gross.

Looks like we are all ready for the best water ride in the world!

And there she is! Oh snap, you know what this is?


So we did not get a drop of water on us, but others we not so lucky. BAAHAA!

Time for more historical rides...well, pretty much every ride here has one of these markers.

Their Flying Machine is just like the one at DCA....except these do not suck ass.

Finally, something I can feel luxurious on.

These things really start flying once they get going.

Barron, Eric and Ted get dried off from they Valhalla experience.

So time for a exclusive tour. This used to be an old shoot the chutes water ride, and now is they bone yard for old trains and coasters track. You can see some of the burned trains from Grand National also.

There are The Big One track pieces in the back and other boat ride parts.

James shows his respect to the penis God.

More boob credits for Nicole.

What I do? What I do?

James is in this pic. Can you find him?

No we are not at Spencer's Gifts. This is a gift shop at Blackpool.

When I need fresh breath, I suck on a pecker.

Everyone loves my peckers in they mouth. And now sugar free for Dan!

Can you pick the hottest material in this pic?

They Derby Racers are like the ones at Cedar Point.

Big Mike throws up a dub while gettin' his ride on.

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