C3:Carolina Coaster Classic ACE Event

Hi errbody. We is going deuce Carowinds deuceday and Jarsh and Brandi are driving!

Don't worry, we will give you $5 for gas.

Welcome AEC members...baaahaaa!

Looks like Ray was expecting it to be really hot today.

PianoJohn was able to pull himself away from rehersals from his latest musical to
hang with us deuceday. Glad you leaned in or I would have not got you in the frame.

Well....the terror part is right.

James got lemonade stand ERT while the rest of us got our Top Gun ride on.

Yeah hi, thanks.

I love they Top Gun.

Nice hat Jarsh, it looks better on your cone head than mine.

So on our way to the Scooby Dark Ride ERT thingy, we were cornered by security and blocked in. I guess they did not notice the laminates.

"I can't be expected to work this afro AND hold back all these ACErs...I need some
help or I could be trampled!"

Yeah hi, we don't like to wait.

To help pass the time waiting for the park to open, Ray pulled out his
long meat stick to show us his skills......sorry, you will have to wait for the video.

Time for the flyers....don't hate.

Nice job on hiding those chins Jarsh. John is used to climbing up hay stacks cause he and his other half work at this Hooptie Doodie review show or something at the Ft. Wilderness LoDge at Walt Disney World.

Ok so today was like Red Dollar Days at Carowinds cause errthang was priced to go. All this stuff was 2 for $5. Look at them snatching that stuff like they at a yard sale!

Well....the queen part is right.

I think Ray is jealous of John's cute little purse.

Discount shopping scares me....and so does Ray.

"Suddenly the smell of fresh Cinnabon filled the air and Jarsh dropped his discount clothing and bolted for the doors. Nothing could stop him from getting his morning eat on, expect the lack of money on his pre-paid debit card."


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