Memorial Day - Charlotte, NC

So yeah, since Hard Rock Park was closed today, Jarsh and I decided to trek 69 miles to Carowinds since we ain't got nuthin' butta to do.

Wow, where are all the peeps?

Looks like they added a few new options to they admission prices.

I was curious as to what kind of changes I would see this year since Cedar Fair took ova.

After a quick dook break, we were off.

First thing we gots to do is get our pass processed.

So here is where all the peeps are!

No pics on the passes AGAIN! I get bored when I don't see me.

Another change, they hired Gary Coleman to take your pic as you enter the park...

...and they have a new Bumble Bee mascot. She was fierce!

.."I thought they had Top Gun here?"

"When I do this, do my roast beefies hang out or am I good?"

The Happy Days diner is now Juke Box diner.

So we hear Hurler is riding better this year.


They added "Tower" and "Scream" to Drop Zone.

Yes, it is Memorial Day.

We then did a walk on ride on Cyclone.

..We decided to head over to the water park and do some slides but first I must change into my new swim trunks!

Here is a gift for all of you. My new underwears. I know you love them.

Jarsh did not want anyone to see his panties.

So let's go get on something scurry!

So we climbed the 80 stories to those two really tall speed slides. OMFG! These things scared the shizznit out of us. We were going to fast that I could not even hold my hear up and Jarsh came out face down on his belly...baaahaaa! Total g-force CRAE!!!

Over at Borg...or Nighthawk or whatever, we noticed that the lift hill track is all white now.

The Borg sphere is gone deuce.....

...but the supports are still they.

This thing is in deperate need of a paint job. It's almost red again.

Still looks better than it rides.

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