Carowinds page 2

After a quick break, it was off for more exploring.

The que for the flyers was full.

Check out the new paint job. Very nice.

JCOAC! EW to the YOU!

Over a Top....err, After Burn....

...I spotted this ACE nerd taking a pic of the sign.

Full ride.

We are not in Japan. If we were, this would be a Sumo wrestler, not 65% of the GP at Carowinds today.

Here is the rap themed new swing ride...Yo Yo. So they should have named it Slow Slow cause it's lame lame....serial. I'm not being a bashing coaster geek, it really blows.

I still love they Top Gun!

..Next the Generic Action Theater....still starring Sponge Bob in 3-D.

Thunder Road had a lot of track working being done by CGI and looks like it will be sweet when it re-opens. Entire sections of the coaster have been rebuilt with new footers and errthang! I can't wait!

I'm pretty sure this should say "County Fair".

Back at Nighthawk.... can see where the flume used to go through hurr at Great America!

This is new also. You can now walk around the sky tower and get real close to Vortex.

See. New shots.

Oh yeah, the skytower.

I love the new convertable que line.....not. Why? WHY?
Shade is a good thing Cedar Fair!

Here you can see the first come first serve season pass parking area they have now.

..In the back is the new wave pool that took up half of the employee parking lot.

So yeah, I hope more positive changes are coming for Carowinds.

Proof positive that a boomerang is coming! Ell Oh Ell.

One last stop as we head out.

Peeps love to get they picnic on in the parking lot....gheeettooooooo!

Next stop, Dollywood!