James and I headed ova to Cedar Pizzle to check out Halloweekends. It was pretty decent and off the hook.

James had a seziure and ALMOST ruined the whole trip.

At Cedar Points, I likes they CarnEvils, and they fog machines, and they AERO sweatshirts.

Jame like they foods.

During the day, we checked out the Marina cause James likes boats and whatknought.

Here are some boats and roller coasters.

Here are some more boats and roller coasters.

I wanna go ride a rolley coaster.

Millizzle Fizzle is always a great ride.

If you look real hard, you can spot a few rafts hidden behind these trees. The rapids were drained for winter and you could walk though it at night. It was all scary and stuff.

Gemini rolled back on the helix. They ran a train empty and left the trim break on. Here they are winching it back up to the station.

Cedar Point also has a Mummy attraction. The themeing looks EXACTLY like USH's.

Keepin it real with Lucy.....and WHUT?

James is in this picture. Can you find him?

Cedar Point is always the bomb. (can you find the hidden shaft?)

We love Mean Streak.

James takes a snack break...how strange! WTF?

This is Top Thrill Dragster. The tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. BUT WAIT. Six Flags Great Adventure is building one taller. How taller? Try THIRTY SIX FEET!!!! OMG! You will need an oxygen max to breathe at that height!

Who is the daddy?

Twisting is fun...with friends.

Iron Dragon got a new paint job. Wow.

Here we are taking a pic while waiting in line for MF, in front of an ACER stalker. He informed us that "DCA is getting a TOT ride, but it won't be open for this season". WTF? See more about this guy on our 2004 DVD.

Another food break.

F-ing papparazzi! Can't go ANYWHERE!

Wicked Twister was running quite well dueceday.

Snoop Dogg is waiving at me!

James does an EXCELLENT Michael Jackson impersonation!

Is my face look red? I love they pasta.

Yeah for Raptor. It's a B&M coaster FYI.

James wants a snackette.