Chessington World Of Adventures
Surrey, England

The first park of our UK trip was Chessington.

These bushes greet you as you enter the park. You can't eat these Jarsh and Brandi!

We we get off our bus and get ready for a fun day. We follow Derek's crotch!

James is really excited......for some strange reason.

The park lets us in early for some ERT!

First was Vampire. An Arrow suspended coaster with Vekoma trains. Ewww.

Our first coaster of the trip! YEA!

Vampire was pretty good. It did not bang my head like I was expecting.

Derek's crotch was telling us to ride another coaster now.

Next was ERT on Dragon's Fury.

The first drop on this coaster was really good.

You get lots and lots of spin on this.

The coaster dodges around other attractions and non eatable bushes.

We all agreed that this was the best coaster in the park.

Here you can see how you get air and laterials at the same time.

Robb decided to do some filming! Shocking!

We all love Dragon's Fury and Lou's boobs.

Next credit was Rattlesnake.

This wild mouse is themed really well.

Ewwwww you! This scary wrestler looking dude was stalking us.

Thank God WE found someone hot to stalk.

Our final credit was this powered coaster called the Runaway Train.

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