Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Porthcawl, Wales

Coney Beach was a quick suprise stop for us on the way to Oakwood.

This is a funny sign coming from a park where they do not know who to call to get they rides certified and inspected.

So there are 3 credits in this park, and we all stuck close together here as not to get raped and/or murdered by the local hooligans.

James is worried about the luxury factor at this park.

Megablitz is what your head will feel like when you ride this coaster.

There were sandbags on the floors of this coaster's trains. Yea, I assumed it was part of the beach theming of the park. I was wrong.

Next credit is Nessi.

Daron looks scared of the ticket counter guy.

It's hard to tell where the cigar ends, and the large growth on his lip begins. Ewww!

Robb was they filming again....shocking!

Look at all the adults on the kiddie coaster....oh weeellll.

Derek got a fun house AND boob credit at the same time.

So the last credit was the Happy Gator.

So all the fat coaster geeks broke the coaster. This pic was taken after Paul and Big Mike jumped out so that the coaster could make it back to the station.

So yea, they got the credit and the operators would not allow any of us on the coaster after that. BITCHES! safety.

Up next was Boobs: The ride.

This was the best ride at the park.

At Coney Beach, you can buy "Fancy" goods, like condoms, antibiotics, and lube.

Overcooked fish is never good.

"I knew that I forgot something when I came to the park. MY SHOES!!" All I know is that I would not want to be walking barefoot anywhere near this park at all!

You can get co cocks and mussels up in this trailer! Heeeey!

We found a little Chihuahuah! Awwwww, I miss my dogs!

I will leave you with this last pic of me and Ms. Peas.

Next Stop, Oakwood!