Cypress Gardens

This was our very first trip to Cypress Gardens...everrrr!

The park is very clean and errrthang. We liked it.

This little white trash child was completely dusting #3 in his Nascar scooter.

James wants to know where the rides be.

They have a really cool looking raft ride, but since it was like 15 AH DA GREES,
we skipped it....and it was closed.

What a fun little woodie. I liked it way better than the Scooby Dookey ones.

It's a good family coaster and a cool layout.

It was too cold to put your arms all the way up.

More rides this way.

This is the latest fashion trend. Acid Wash Denim and high jogging pants.

Love love love Disk-O.

Double decker..and it goes real real fast. See below.

From 0 to 50 in like 2 seconds. (move mouse over pic)

Where are we today?

We are at Carowinds.

Here you can see Power Serge and Swamp Thing in the back.

James rockin the Hurley....LOL, L O L, ELL OHH ELL!!!

Keepin it real in the 9Quad.

No ski shows today becuase the lake was frozen over.

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