Cypress Gardens

It's a whole new year and we begin by flying to whOrlando to meet up with some whores.

Here is our luxurious house that we rented up in hurr.

It has a super hot, hot tub and heated pool....and by hot and heated, I mean really cold.

This is Mark and Mike's room. I wonder why only one bed has been slept in?

So we begin the morning by meeting up at the Burrel.

Jeffrey was super excited!

So I don't know if I feel safe with Jarsh driving my G6 rental.

There is alot of fog and let's hope they ain't another pile up!

We made it. Cypresssss Gardenssssss.

As you can see, it was lacking in visitors.

James' chins were not lacking however.

After purchasing our tickets at the Thunder Dome, we went to get in line.

Cypress Gardens has extreemly close employee parking for it's workers.

"This year for Arbor Day, the Ingalls saved up all their Christmas Pennies and headed to Cypress Gardens!"

Finally! Jeffrey can afford that Starliner shirt that he has been wanting for so long!

Ok, let's go! BTW, there is that Starliner shirt back they. It will show up again.

Would not be a GAP gathering without GOATS....and these cute little creatures.

The GAP posse representin' in Nature's it's not a douche.

Yes, Jarsh is pulling out James' nose hairs with some tweezers.
AND yes Jarsh had tweezers.

Mark was super proud of his new 35 millimeter camera! I can't wait until he
gets his pictures developed!

No Brandi! I don't care what ya'll do in Mississippi, we are not cooking the cute Opossums!

They were running a train up in this trailer!

John scared the cute little flying monchichi thingy. I mean, he DID have on a Legally Blonde: The Musical Hat and a "FrinDge" shirt...what a queen!

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