"Tommy and James' Southern California Vacation Getaway"

Disney's California Adventure

Representin' the 8-0- 3rd on the Dub C.

Accommodations for Tommy and James' Southern California Vacation getaway provided by the luxurious Grand Californian Hotel, located at the Disneyland Resort.

Car service provided by Ford. The Ford Focus, the only way to travel in SoCal..

This is the view from our room.....sweeet!

Check out this other view in our room....sweeeeeeter..

Yeaaah, Paradise Pier.

They made us share a ride with these peeps on the Sun Wheel.

...and this guy too, but I was not complaining.

This was my fav ride at DCA.

This was James' favorite attraction...

Look it's TOT.....booooooo for not being open!

If you look real hard, you can see the castle in the back...naaa, you can't.

Now off to Disney MGM Studios...oops, I mean Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

Jim is quite impressed with Robb's buldge.

no caption needed.

The sun was extra bright today.

What a difference a day makes...from 180 mins on Sunday to 30 mins on Monday!

Is that a NEW hat?

Tommy likey GRR. Here I am pulling a Joe C.

I really liked Disney's California Adventure, and I can't wait till Florida gets one too!

Back at the hotel, we ate at the Napa Rose

TI enjoyed they yummys, "foo foo food"...

James enjoyed they beverage.

Here are some more hotel shots. This is a very cool hotizzle.

Next stop, Disneyland!