Disney's Hollywood Studios
(the park formally known as MGM Studios)

So next we rushed over to the newly lamed...I mean, named, Disney Hollywood Studios.

We were super excited that we ran into Rosie O'Donnell on the way in!

Sorry JJ, you forgot your glasses.

So yeah, it was really busy deuceday. We were only here for two things today anyway.

James almost got mushroomed in between these two lazy betches.

OMG! First the front row guy at Cypress, and now the Kermit fan. JCOAC!

So yeah, we came here to get our eat on luxurious style.

Incase you ain't know'd that.

While we waited on our private room, Jeffrey and Mike did some
reinactments from Showgirls.

James was sooo exited once we were seated!

Brandi was excited that she was "able to eat fancy today."

So I got the Agnolotti pasta and it was the bomb diggity doo-doo!

BTW, today is Ford's birthday! He turns 23...we all gave him a spanking. But yeah,
we always give him a spanking so whatever.

What is missing in this photo? No, not Mark's 35mm camera.

Heeeeyyy daddy man!

Next was our second reason for being here, Tower of Terror. BTW, that is suppose to be a scared face....like the one you made on the drop tower at Cypress.

It was oooo scurry!

On the way out, we ran into Rosie again.....

...and Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray....

..and John Lovitz! Wow!

So yeah, off to the Magic Kingdom as soon as I get this growth off my shoulder.

Next stop, Magic Kingdom!