Disney Cruise Line
Disney Wonder

Today we arrive at Port Canavral for our very first Disney Cruise!

Here is a model of the ship at the check in station.

Boarding the ship.... check out those huge port holes.

First things first.....shocking.

Since we have a little while before we cast off, we will explore the ship.

Here is the family pool area with the new huge television.

I am starting to feel more luxurious.

Heeeey big titties!

Here you can see where all the Disney Cruise Line buses drop you off from WDW.

On our way to the staterooms, we ran into these two peeps.

James is excited with the room obviously.

It has lots of room and a nice huge port hole window..

Two seperate sinks! One with a shower...

...and one with a toilet!

So we went to the Nassau shopping meeting thingy, only because they were giving
away free stuff and Jarsh MADE us go.

They tell you about all the places to shop in Nassau and other useless info.

Good thing we went because Brandi won the diamond ring! Oh snap!

Time to try on our life vests and shizz.

And of course James can't read.

I can make anything look awesome and fashionable.

Time to start the sail away party and whatknought.

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