Disneyland Paris

This was our very first trip to Paris...EVER!

You walk under the Disneyland hotel to enter the park.

This is the Main Street train station.

And this is Main Street. It's way cool cause on either side, there is a covered, mall like walk from the front to back, which is not at WDW or DL.

They castle be the bomb!

It's not built with fiberglass like the US ones. Flippin' awesome...incredible.

Here you can see the ghost of Walt Disney, just like in THIS pic from Calif.

We followed Walt under the castle and found this cool dragon.

James is happiest when he is gettin his eat on. Here is some foo foo food from the Blue Lagoon resturant next to the Pirates ride...which is awesome and has 2 good drops.

It's a total cock-fest in Paris.

Here I am, in front of BTMR.

This is the best BTMR so far. It has 2 awesome tunnels that go under the lake to the island. The return trip tunnel is wicked cool.

Their Haunted Mansion is called Phantom Manor.

Adventureland entrance.

Indy is running forward again. It's fun.

It's a short coaster, but has a cool loop and whatknought.

Welcome to Tomorr...oops, I mean Discoveryland. Where you can explore your
homosenusal side.

Space Mountain shoots this white stuff all over. We love it.

We rode this like 15 times in one day.

Check out the wait time, and this was in the afternoon.

James found a school of deer that he played with.

Our first foreign ATM machine! Awwwwwwww.


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