Ok, this trip was all about THUNDERHEAD, so here are some pics. Try not to be too jealous, ok? Thaaaannnks to Josh Herrington for the additional pics.!



This overbanked turn makes you feel like your hands are going to be smacked by the side rails! Total headchoppers!

"Thunderhead" is a "wooden coaster"

This fly by shot was during the night ERT.....AMAZING!!!

Final turn before the ONLY brakes on this ride!

Everything you have read about this ride is true. It is the most amazing wooden coaster that I have ever ridden and is now my #1...knocking Legend to #2. Non stop speed, airtime, laterials....just perfect. You have GOT to experience it for yourself to HOLLA

A view from the Dollywood Express equiped with OTSRs.

Fans will stalk you ANYWHERE!

Here, one Fan tried to steal my camera because all he had was a disposable Fuji camera!

Total hang time. The best Arrow looper ever!

Dawn totally agrees......that "Showgirls" is the best movie ever!

No Josh, this Rampage is a WATER RIDE!

We is going to get our teef fixed.

See! You evil ride of wetness!

Another water ride!

Here are some of the peeps at the event....Oh, BTW, guess where the ACE 2005 Spring Conference is going to be? D O L L Y W O O D!!!!

Ok,. you have waited long enough...
Here is my award winning shot of "Thunderhead".

"Accommodations for Coasterstorm 2004 were provided by the 4 Star, Luxurious Rocky Mountain Golf View Quest Resort, located across the entrance from DOLLYWOOD"

This is our front balcony view. Just to the right of that skinny tree, in the middle, can make out the exit tunnel for Mountain Slidewinder.

Yes, that IS a gas fireplace.....I kept James at a good distance!

Look, all you can see is mountains...thousands, and thousands of mooouuuttttaaaaiiinnnnssss!

James agrees, this is THE place to stay in Pigeon Forge....FOR SHIZZLE!

Check out our new CD rack to the left. It's going in our new house! Ok peeps, thanks for stop....Disney's California Adventure!