Merry Christmas at

James and I decided to check out Dollywood during the Christmas season. Needless to say, it was the bomb! We also picked up our 2005 season passes, good at SDC also!

They is always glad to see you at Dollywood....

..and your dogs!

Our friends David and Jason joined us on this magical getaway to the Smokies.! This was their very first trip to Dollywood and as you can see, they fit right in!

First thing we did was head over to Thunderhead for the first ride of the day.

This guy got sick and puked on the very first train, so that stalled us for about 30 mins while they cleaned the train, and the trail of puke that lead from it, down the stairs, and out the exit. Notice his Boy Scout son, standing off to the left, completely embarrassed.

This was Dollywood's new Christmas flat ride.

James needed a spanking...roll your cursor over the image to see what happens next!

Even though it was in the 60's, it felt like soooo Christmas-ey errrwhere you had look-ded!!

I likes they Christmas Tree...

and James likes they cupcakes!

Next we were off to the Tennessee Tornizzle..the best Arrow coaster ever!

Even though it's a little short, it's an EXCELLENT roller coaster!

We then ran into Bobby and Stephen, who had recovered from the SC State Fair....almost.

You can see Dolly's Iron Butterfly element here.

David and Jason really liked the rolley ride.

Nothing like a good laying mash!! "We axe fo it by name"!

Shopping at Christmas with friends is Dollywood.

I likes they multi-functional bed pan coffee mugs.

Dollyyyy, everywhere you look it Dollyyyyyy.

You can buy just about everything at Dollywood!

James found a tree he wanted to put in the center of our house.

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