Drayton Manor
Tamworth, England

Hello from Drayton Manor!

Please park coaches and toilets to the left, and cars str8 ahead.

G Force is the new X-car coaster at Drayton.

The lift hill goes into a loop......yeaaah. Stupid, I know.

The restraints are pretty tight on this ride and I, like Toni Braxton, thought I would never breathe again, breath again.

There are lots of twists and loops and shizzznit.

It's not something I would run back to ride over and over but hey....we are in the UK!!

Yea, I "conqueered" G Force up in this trailer...woot!

Shockwave is a standing coaster and I was expecting it to be pretty bad.

This is not only Nicole's favorite position, but it's her 69th credit.

Shockwave has 4 inversions and some peeps like to ride it backwards.

It turned out to be the best coaster in the park and alot more fun than G Force to me.

British Man: "You want to ride the Shockwave Love?"
British Woman: "No but you can ride my g spot later. Ha ha, good show indeed! "

I knew we needed to stop for a snackette when Derek starting digging for crack cheese.

James has found his favorite food of the trip. A RollOver is a "bun where they shove the mustard and hot dog inside." He ate deuce today.

I tried some delicious salad "cream"....ewwwww you!

I think I am really starting to fit in here!

Drayton has a very cool flume ride called Stormforce 10.

This flume features a backwards drop and a double down....just like James.

Dead fish is part of they theming....just like Nicole.

James loves to lube up his lips with official TPR chap stick. They knew he would need it.

Here is another credit at the park which is sponsored by Fruit Shoot.

Speaking of Fruit Shoot, I think the shark has found the entrance to the Maelstorm.

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