Drayton Manor page 2

Time to ride the Buffalo Mountain Coaster drop tower!

This dude behind James looks retarded.

Derek and Nicole are excited about they 4th coaster credit at Drayton.

Drayton keeps they vicious killer geese behind electric fences.

Look, it's the Drayton Queen! And behind him is a cute little boat.

"Yeah Hi, can we trade this brat for a large stuffed animal?"

Alicia credit #3.

They also have this ride that is a combo Ghostbusters/Haunted Masion style mad house.

Derek: "I'm sorry, why are we riding this again?"
James: "Cause it's raining."

Apocalypse is a sweet drop tower with 3 options. You can stand leaning forward 45 degrees, sit, or sit and lean 45 degrees forward Acrophobia style.

We chose to stand since it was the most scary. It was off the appenDages!

For those massive dumps, you might want to try out the "Super Loo". This was the most rank smelling bathroom I have ever been in EVER! It made me nauseated!

James is really starting to like the UK.

I bust some caps on they dark ride.

What a fun cute little park.

We had sssso much faayouuuuwannnn!

And on our way to our next park, I FINALLY found a place that I can feel at home!

Next stop, Southport Pleasureland!