2007 GAP Gathering/ACE Event

Today we arrive at Dollywood for their G.A.P. Welcome Party, aka Festival of Nations.

Famous GAPPER Robert Ulrich greeted everyone at the gate....

...and a little Russian children's choir sang us a welcome to Dollywood song.

Here is the posse and we are ready for our new credit.

Our first order of business....Mystery Mine.

Brad's first order of business...Fried Banana Puddin'.

We arrived to see this hella long line, but no fear, we get front of the line
access where ever we go.

Brian and Jay (JamminJ...yeah hi) strike a pose, while laughing at all the GP waiting in line.

Dollywood did a great job with the themeing of this rolley ride.

It looks sooo scuurrry.

Sorry James, no wimmin allowed.

Once you are at the top of the stairs, you are basically about to board....and pose.

Here you can see some of the twisted layout. I wonder what will lay beyond that tressel?

This drop is great and there is no break before it either.

It's really hard to take pics of this ride.

Twisted and whatknought and whathaveyou.

This part of the ride is way cool. It's also shockingly smooth.

Lots of hang time hurr.

There is a little pop of air before you hit the breaks. Super addition for Dollywood!

Can you find the GAPPERS in the pic?
(HINT: They are scarred.)

The view has really changed from the lift hill on Thunderhead.
The Passion Tower was down BTW.

The Stay Puft Marshmellow Drag Queen was seen wobbling around Dollywood..
...near the scooter rentals.....shocking.

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