This weekend we decided to go check out Dollywoods and stuff. Unbeknownst to us this was going to be the most hottest and most crowdest day EVER at this park.

So after parking in the very very back lot, we got to wait in this line for the tram. This is taken from the MIDDLE of the line and it goes all the way back as far as you can see.

Here we are waiting in line to get our season passes. Yeah, I know James is not in focus but WTF is up with dude there on the left?

"No one understands me. I want to die....but after I get a corn dog."

"Five please. Yes, I am serious."

I am pretty sure this is a new resturant, next to the kids water area, cause it serves pizza and I don't remember seeing pizza at Dollyfood before.

This bird exhibit is also new.

It let's you get up close to some crae birds.

Inside joke.

So let's go head up towards Tennessee Tornado and see the new pathway.

There it is. And if you look to the left.... see they added this ghetto thing. Just what we need...bouncing balls.

They added alot of shaded areas up in hurr cause they aint a lot of trees...hey, look closer. that Gallagher? Richard Simmons? Oh wellll.

I wonder where the next attraction is going? I need to make some calls.

Ok so it's 150 degrees and this guy is missing a leg...yet he is walking. He MUST be foreign or something. Serial cause this IS scooter captial of the world.

So here is the new attraction, River Battle!

Check out this massive line!

So you stick your face in the hole and it gets squirted.

..This ride has mad themeing and looks Disney qualityatories!

Oh wow, looks like Jarsh took out a personal ad at River Battle.

Speaking of holes.

Again, excellent themeing .

Check out what done hatched up at Dollyhood!

So this is the first time we are able to stand on this side of Mystery Mine.

Awesome! It's down. Oh well, let's go get on Timberrrr Tower!

Oh wow, down also.
Looks like the top is sitting on the bottom...much like me and James do.

I guess we can sit here and pose in front of the water effects.

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