Dollywood page 2

So it seems as tho James found a short line.

Jarsh got through the fried banana puddin' line pretty quick also.

Wow, look at that thanks.

Ok so it's WAY hot, WAY crowded, Mystery Mine - CLOSED, Timber Terror - CLOSED, even the train - leave us no alternative....except to make fun of people.

Jerry O'Connel's childhood ghost made an appearance today.
"But dad...Fried Banana Puddin' has fruit in it!"

Sometimes, "sexy over-the-shoulder" does not always translate well.

Wow, I don't even know where to begin hurr.

Where are your ankles? Oh, in the basket...kthanks.

So is it a shirt, or a dress? And white socks with sandals? WTF?

For realz? Why not just pull up another chair to help support your ass? I mean
there are other chairs available.

Finally! HEEEeeey daddy!

..Thunder Road, no relation to Carowinds' Thunder Road, was showing. No thanks.

Oh snap! They got Dolly's bus up in hurr!

Here is some info....7 miles to the gallon? WHAT?

Wow, we are so excited. I hope Dolly is on the bus!

A family that wears demin shorts together, stays together....and is retarded...
and by retarded I mean mentally challenged.

Look at all the luxury. There is our photographer holding back our fans.

This is the most luxurious bunk beds ever.

Wow, just think...Dolly dropped off some kids here. Amazing.

.."Everywhere you look I see me!"

Damn! We must have just missed Dolly. I see she was writing a song.

Looks like she left a wig behind! It's mine!

Thanks for the tour Dolly!

This is new. Finally a store I can shop at!

This chicken lady was singing like crae. She sounded better than that snobby whoreface girl performing next door, that we saw at the backstage resturant, rolling her eyes and throwing attitude at the waitress.

Yum, I love they "not Richtatoes but POtatoes". Another inside joke.

"Yount sum?".

Are they brother and sister? Are they husband and wife? Are they all of the above?

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