Homey G, his fish Alicia, James, and myself decided to have a Great Smokey Mountain Memorial Day Weekend and head ova to Dollyhood, my favorite park in Pigeon Forge.

This was the most busy I have EVER seen Dollywood. The parking lot was completely full, the water park lot was full, and the over flow gravel lot was full. The parking lot at DW is over 2 miles long...thank GOD for they trams.

We even spotted Elvis in the massive crowd.

The Country Fair section of the park is new in 2005 and they added 10 new rides.

This plane was flying way to low.

Check out the line for the flyer things. This was a very popular ride.

You get a great view of the park.

Their Dizzzzzzy Disssssc was the shizzznit. It was running better than the one at Cypress.

James and I got to judge the pickle contest.

Also added was this cool family size frog hopper.

They new roller coaster was missing a back train.

It still was not ready to open. but it should be by June 17th.

We decided to get a bite to eat.

The foods at Dollywood is always the lick.

They even have a sandwich named after all my friends...the Fan Club.

Well, of course, Alicia decided that she needed some attention, so she got stung by a bee or something, and screamed and all the fat people looked at us. But at least we got to see a cool satellite pic of Dollywood.

Wait on fish is boring.

Dollywizzle be celebrating they 20 Year Anniversary and shizz. I tried to steal this banner so that I could put it on Ebay.

Check out this EFFING line for Blazing Fury!

I have never had to wait for Tennessee Tornado!

Required shot of Tennessee Tornado.

..and Daredevil Falls.

James did not want to ride because he did not want to get wet.....troll face!

All they rides were operational and whatknought this weekend.


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