Time to take Dollywood virgins Barron and Jim to our favorite stop in the Smokies!

Wow, the handicapped parking lot is empty! This is a good sign of no crowds today.

Looks like the short bus aint running either, so no tards today.

First stop today will be the Mystery Mine construction tour. This was exclusively set up for the G.A.P. only, so yeah..we have pull.

Here they is opening the gate up for us.

Check out that first drop. 95 degrees and a right twist. Sweet!

We decided to get on they Lumberjack Towers thing to get some more good pics.

It's Thunderhead and Timberrrr Tower waiting for us to get our ride on.

Here is the whole area of the Mystery Mine.

Barron was not strong enough to pull them to the top, so they did not get any good pics.

This was my first ride on Timber Tower.
We rode it 3 times today and I was lucky and did not get wet.

Some peeps got soaked!

Looks like they knew we were coming deuceday.

Look out for these beavers. Contrary to what Alicia says, beavers do squirt.

And don't forget, beavers are slippery when wet. EWWW YOU!

How many menz can you fit in they? In the casket James, not your ass!

I always feel like I can express my spiritual side at Dollywood.

Barron had a choice of many outfits today. I liked this "What happens at Nana's house, stays at Nana's house" ensemble with matching hat and bag.

For something a little more sassy, you could try this.

For the girl on the go, this bag and hat is perfect.

If you want to make a statement, this BEDAZZLED shirt and hat is a must!

For those who want to show they homosensual side, this Navy jacket is for you!

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