2006 Christmas In The Smokeys G.A.P. Event!

This winter weekend we headed up to Pigeon Forge looking for our 4 star luxurious cabin located in the Great Smokey Mountains.

I think that might be the one!

Wow, how luxurious, but is this the right place?

Oh yeah it is. That is Clint's car.

So anyway, we go to Dollywood and lookey who we see in they car with Brandon.

Everyone gathers around the entrance ready to get they ride on.

Clint is more concerned that errbody know the proper "precedure" on how to gather
for the afternoon buffet.

Ummm, yeeeahhh. I think we need A1 snow, and Heinz 57 a heavy duty tractor to get that thing moving.

First ride of the day, Thunderhead!

They display they Golden Ticket Award with pride!

Brandi and Karen wait in "Granny Parking" while we all ride.

Michael and Alan return again because they had sooo much fun with us last time.

This is the first time Will has ridden this amazing wood.
Oh yea, this was his first ride on Thunderhead deuce.

You can see how this area has really changed over the past year.

This was Steve's first visit to Dollywood so Jarsh shows him the backseat ropes.
They get -4 click rides.

Yea, everyone is pleased cause this coaster is still amaing and smooth and fast.

So we drive over to Timber Tower next.

During Christmas, Timber Tower becomes The Passion Tower...for the Christians and all.

Jeffrey and Mike laugh at dude holding his girl's hand, and he is praying. The theming must really be realistic.

....still holding and praying.

Off in the distance, the Dollywood Tower Hotel rises above the Lumberjack lifts.

Looks like it is coming along nicely.

Jarsh, being the model ACEr he is, waits for our exclusive hard hat tour of Mystery Mine.
First in line! First in line!

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