EdVenture Children's Museum
Columbia, SC

So today we travel to the EdVenture Children's Museum for the first time eva. It opened a
few years ago, but Jarsh can get us in for FREE, so what a perfect time to go!

Here it is! It's right across from the State Museum. That is next week.

Look at all the new exhibitatories!

Being from Mississippi, they are not used to museums without burning crosses in them.

This rat tail was in the 80's area of the museum!

Here is an Ernie shot minus the 3-D effect.

O M G! What is that HUGE kid?

It's Evil Ed! RUN!!!

This little kid is GINORMUS!

Well, what do you do with him? What is around hurr?

Oh you can go inside the little boy....ewww u!

Oh Snap! You can get in his heart and stuff!

Gross! Look what he has been eating! Ice cream sandwiches, carrots and homos!

Brandi wore a skirt today cause she is a ladyyy......whore, so she was curious as to how you get out of Ed?

You exit out the lower intestine....duh!.

Let's find out how the body works!

Time for a gameshow!

This was the hardest question of the day. Brandi got it wrong.

This was kindy creepy. It's got drill sounds, and whatknought. Jarsh loved it.

Super size Operation is off the hinDges!

I likes they skeleton marionette theater.

Up next...a place very unknown to James.

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