EdVenture Children's Museum page 2

Let's go to the Mini Piggly Wiggly

How cute! You can get groceries......

...and check out all by yourself!

Let's head over to the farm urrea!

Time to play Little House!

It's all aboot John Deer..

Are they any eggs hurr? Roll your mouse over the pic and see.

Jarsh has done this a million times.

Next stop is Dalmation Station!

We are all familiar with how to handle an out of control hose.

I think there is a FLAMMING fire somewhere!

Jump in the truck and let's go put it out! I don't think there is enough water in the world.

I LOVED playing Showgirls.

Fire is dark, like James' anus.

Yeah hi, thank JCOAC for flashes.

James needs some gas!

Wow, it's only 1.59 a gallon here!

Jarsh is quiet familar with rotating.

Off to the building area.

Here queens in training can get all the tips they need to remodel they house. No James, that is not a new toilet.

This is the Village People Hall of Fame.

Building is fun....with friends!

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