Walt Disney World Resort

Now it's time to take a private monorail to Epcot, which James' favorite park.

I love they Epcot. I wished they would take down the wand tho.

So here is the place where they put all the pics for "Leave A Legacy".

We have left our mark right here!

James had a goatee in this pic. It was taken at the end of 2003.

Time to ride the Mickey Mouse ball.

This ride is brought to you by Siemens......

...and that makes Jame happy.

"Oh Jesus, the park had been open 5 minutes, and I am freakin exhausted!"

We headed ova to Soarin Over Wheelchair to get some fast passes.

Yeah, 100 minutes at opening. I dont think so.

They is very precise when it come to they fast pass here at Soarin.

We then headed to Mission Space, which only had a 5 minute wait.

Here is a space station in the que and if you look in the middle..

...you will see the old Horizons logo. I miss Horizons but Mission Space is the lick.

So, yeah.

Heeey daaddyyyy with the bald head. When do we gets our rendezvous?

Jeffrey thought that if he bought one on these then he could have access to the Heathers forum.....SORRY JEFFREY...that would be a no!

Test Track had a long wait also becuae of they new cars.

They are not very high capacity.

We hear this ride is on the chopping block, so Ellen's Lesbian Universe of Energy was next. We made it through the pre-show but was then evacuated before we could ride.

This here drink was our favorite.

This is the beginning of James 2nd BF of the trip...if I had only known...more later.


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