Walt Disney World Resort
EPCOT page 2

I swear, if I find out we are at Dollywood, then I am going to have a BF.

So more Disney secrets. This is where a carousel was suppose to go.

Here is where you can buy a hooker and gamble.

So this is almost as luxurious as being at the real Paris.

We got to meet Alicia Keys today. She was doing a show in Japan.

While in Japan, we got some yummy sushi.

God! Queens and they phones. We could not get our tour guide/secretary to put it away.

"Ok if I could just get everyone to gather around my crotch, we can start the molesting."

See this pic is wrong on so many levels. #1, HELLO, the Spaceship Earth is blocked. #2 what is with all the space at the top? Do I need to add some text or something.

Here you can see the Soarin building. It blends in well with the sky and I could not
see it until I got across to the American Adventure.

High fashion shopping at Epcot!

Wow! It's like I'm not in the USA. It really feels like Mexico.

So Jeffrey wanted to show everyone his big cock...here it it.

Since James could not get Dom by the glass, he had to settle for a
Sssstrawberry Sssssparkler.

It looks so festive. We will blend right in Germany with these lovely flutes of pink wine.

I decided not to be Christian for a while and have a drink.

"It's got alcohol in it....bottoms up."


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