Family Kingdom page 2


Let's take a train ride around the park.

They wear Fubu hurr.

Family Kingdom's C.P. Huntington train is #99. Not bad.

Ok you can retire that peace sign, we are NOT in Japan anymore.

Oh no they di'ent! I guess they are trying to get some HRP business.

They also have a very nice merry-go-round.

This tranny was advertising like ice cream, or sunscreen or something!

..The hardest credit to get on the east coast. No adults.

This is a very nicely themed Sally shoot-um-up dark ride.

With the way beach front parks are closing, Family Kingdom is one of only a few left on the east coast. Hopefully with the new Hard Rock Park opening, and with the Pavilion closed, this little park will get more business, and more improvements as well.

This is the only Hurricane you can ride at Myrtle Beach now.

I must admit that I am not a fan of this drop tower. It's crae.

This is a great way to get some good shots of the park and beach.

You can see the log flume/coaster credit in this pic.

..I love they Swamp Fox!

The Yo-Yo is alot of fun also..

You used to be able to see the lift of the Hurrican in this pic. Remember?

Jarsh and Ford played "I bet you can grab my cock first". Pervs.

One last ride on the Yo-Yo before we head over to HRP.


If you are in Myrtle Beach, be sure to stop by and tell them The GAP sent you!.

Next stop, Hard Rock Park!