Family Kingdom
Myrtle Beach, SC

So up next on our Myrtle Beach Extravaganza Tour was Family Kingdom.
Soon this will be the only ocean front amusement park in SC.

Swamp Fox is Family Kingdom's signature ride. Wow, it's ranked number 8 wood in the USA!! After Voyage opens, this will prally be bumped at least 9 or 10.

Swamp Fox has its original skid breaks but they is automated now.

Yeah hi, this is going to be fun.

What a great view! You can see the park's water park across the street on the ocean.

And down the first drop! You do get some decent pops of air in the back.

"Are you sure this is the number 8th wooden coaster in the USA?"

More great views of the ocean on your return back. There is also a Wacky Worm that
they would not let adults ride, so no second credit, unless you count the log flume.

Fun house mirrors are off the hinDges! Here we are representin'.

Here Derek gets his "loney rider" credit.

James needed a snackette because it has been at least a hour since he ate last.

Family Kingdom has an interactive dark ride deuce.

At this angle, they shot/drop ride looks really scary even tho it's like 40 ft tall.

Yeah, that is an understatement! Best photo ever!

Derek met some fans that were shocked that he had been to Disneyland before.
"You been to the one in California? REALLY? Wow!"

Yeah hi, we got a little wet on they log flume ride cleverly called LOG FLUME.

...and so me and my chins want to ride they ferris wheel.

This is the longest ride cycle ever. You get to go in both directions! At least we had time
to dry off and think about what a great day this has been so far.

Swamp Fox luxuriousness.

Here is a shot of Log Flume, which I count as a credit cause of the coaster part. Thanks.

We have had a super fun time deuceday at Family Kingdom. I wonder what rides they will
get from the Pavilion? Hopefully the Mad Mouse.

Lurking off in the distance is Hurricane Category 5....can you see the lift hill?
Click picture for a larger view.

Next Stop, Myrtle Beach Pavilion!