Malton, England

Flamingoland was named in honor of John Waters.......just kidding.

This park ain't puttin' up with no yobberishness, whatever that might be.

So the "Clowns Giving Blow Jobs" ride was not open yet.

Corkscrew was not a bad ride and was way smoother than the one at Alton Towers.

Now it's time for some Velocitiy-atories.

Velocity is a Vekoma motorbike coaster featuring a very cool launch.

It's is really fun but I heard some peeps complain about they private areas getting smashed.

Nicole and I are ready to race. I wonder who will win?

Here we play "completely limp and blind" for the launch.

As you see, the trains are really cool. I found them to be quite comfortable.

Someone wake up Bill!

Ok so this hoochie was totally flashing the on-ride pic camera and we got to see it on one of the on-ride pics. I wished I would have bought it because sitting right in front of her was her two kids and in the pics, they are just smiling and having a great time, while mom in the back is flashing her jugs at the camera. Good times with the family!

Barron and James decide to have a racing areola contest.

Wow, so close! I say James' areolas win due to his slight leaning forward motion.

Jim was starving by the time we rode they Disc-O.

I personally like the smaller version better, but this was fun deuce.

AAAAH! The ride of doom. This thing was horrible!

Here we are before the ride, thinking it was going to be fun. WRONG!.

After the ride, you can see errrrbody wants off. Think of it as an enterprise going
about 5 mph with annoying restraints and stuff.

They have a fun combo tower but I have never seen one anchored down like this before..

We all wait on the retards who ride the 30 minute animal/water ride. Casey acts as our bodyguard, but we all know secretly he is a gentle giant.

So after you get a jungle boat cruise type of ride through all the animals, this ride ends with a drenching drop into the smelly green water. No thanks.

Now it's time for a new coaster peoples!

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