Ghost Town in the Sky
G3: GAP Ghost Town Gathering event!

We all arrived at Ghost Town bright and early for our very first park sponsored GAP event, G3: GAP Ghost Town Gathering. Well..everyone but we left him. He came a few minutes later. OH WELLLLL.

I think the boys are a little scurred traveling up the steepest road in NC.

First up was ERT on the Tumbleweed! Don't hate!

Wow, this has a longer line than Top Gun.

There is amazing air time on this.

Look at all the credit whores!

Awwwww, look at the cute little ponys!

Check out the views. That is Maggie Valley down thurr.

Next is ERT on Geronimo Drop...the most amazing drop tower!

I can't belive James is riding. He hates drop towers.

They stopped us on top for like 5 minutes to take in the views, but it only freaked us out more because there is no warning to this drop.

The drop gets me everytime!

We gots lots and lots of rides in. Love this tower. Second to Acro in scurriness!

Check out those peaks.

Next we had ERT on the Gunslinger. Funny, that is my sister's nickname.

These things are freaky when they tilt you over the mountain.

What's wrong, is ya'll scurred to ride? BTW, this Josh freaked out riding the
chairlift on the way down.

Last was ERT on the Dream Catcher. I think Mike is getting inspired by the view.
Hurry and start the ride before he starts singing!

James did a great job color coordinating his outfit to his parachute tub.

Sorry Barron. You didn't win in the UK at Drayton Manor, and you ain't go win hurr either...baahaaaa!


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