Santa's Land

After Ghost Town, a few of us did the optional Santa's Land add on.

This Ghey Beastility Totem Pole greets you as you enter the park.

Look at the little baby!

The reason we are here....well, almost.

It's all about the Rudicoaster!

Lonely rider!

I was finally forced to ride with James today.

Can you see Steve in this pic? Hint: Look for the tri-pod.

Santa's Land as a nice selection of sex toys. So be sure to ask Santa to bring you one.

This is why we are here....ELECTRIC MONKEY ISLAND!

Watch out for the electric fence...while you are in the water.

Look at al lthe fish Barron and Brandon killed!

"Oh no you di'ent!"

Miss Thang was not happy.


The other reason we are here. Can you believe how big Ruff and Buff got since last time? They loves them some fruit punch!

So cute!

BTW, if you need a knife......

James says "How much that whole block is?"

Sugar free for the people who like to fart.

We will leave you with our thoughts. Holla back!


Next stop, Cedar Point!