Day 3: Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Today we go deuce Animal Kingdom.

Non-butta Eric Johnson joined us deuceday.

10 way...too long.

James credit #1.

I loves me some Expedition Everest.

Time for a new credit. TriceraTOP.

Even tho James is a big bottom, I allowed him to ride.



Eric made us ride this rough ass coaster.

Older than dirt? Wait...Brian just had a birthday.

James just opened his own resturant chain.

Someday Brian will be able to wear this.

Cheers bitches.

The dead turtle exhibit was off the hinDges.

"I wore this skirt back when I was in high school, and I can STILL wear it today!"

Celebrity Scooters: The only way to travel.

It would not be a complete day at AK without playing with the goats.

Back at the hotel, we stopped by for some snackettes. So for a million dollars a night, I get free rice krispy treats? nice.

And these cool Mickey Mouse goldfish.

James credit #2.

Back at Epcot, we found some cute people in they Leave a Legacy.

She is metling.

Alien baby face head monster.

Who is the queer with the glasses?

I'll take "Things that penis' see" for $100 Alex.

Jame is gettin his freek drink on today, after dropping all the mad chedda the day before on sin beverages.

James credit #3.

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