Walt Disney World
EXCLUSIVE G.A.P photo trip report!

Day 1: The Arrival @ The Contemporary Hotel

We begin our little WDW trip by checking into our luxurious 4 star hotel...the Contemporatories.

As you see, our room was the lick.

Yea, this is the type of luxury I have become accustomed deuce.

Check out our stylish bathrooms.

Just looking in the mirror makes me feel luxurious.

His and his closets and marbel floors. Just like home.

Oh yea, and nice big plasma TV.

Would you like to see our view?

So yea, that is the monorail. Mono meaning "one" and rail meaning "to plow."

So since we are on the concierge level, we gets free food and shizznit.

These peanut butta and jelly sandwiches are my favorite.

Would you like some coffee beans?

They have James' favorite sin juice.

Yea, this is pretty much off the hindges.

Look, there is Expedition Everest.

Down in the gift shop, James found some fabulous ears.

Me and Jeffrey could fight over this hat fur sure.

Let's take the monorail ova to the Polynesianatores.

Man in da bush.


Next Stop, Sea World!