Maggie Valley, NC

About 25 miles from Santa's Land is Ghost Town in the Sky. This park features several rides on top of this mile high mountain. The park is divided into three sections: Mining Town, Mile High Ride Area, and Ghost Town.

This park closed at the end of the 2002 season and is currently for sale.

After parking you could take the chair lift to the top of the mountain.

There was also an incline railroad that could take you to the top.

There is one train here at the bottom and the other is at the top.

They would both run at the same time. You could also take a shuttle that would drive
you to the top if you were too scared to try the lift or railroad.

Here is the inside of one of the gift shops.

Closed ticket window.

Outside of the gift shop and resturant.

It seems like Ghost Town is living up to its name now.

Here is the Red Devil coaster. This pic was taken about 2 miles away. This coaster closed in mid 2002 season and never reopened. It was in need of major refurbishing.

Before the Red Devil opened, I remember visiting the park and they were building a new ride. The only way I can describe it is like a roller coaster and flume ride on a monorail.

It never opened and you can still see some of the places around the Red Devil where the monorail track footers used to be.
On this old mug I have, you can see the ride racing down the mountain and splashing through water.

I want to buy Ghost Town. Since I can't buy Heritage water park because they are tearing it down, this is my only option left at owning my own amusement park!

They have this sign posted in the parking lot. Hopefully someone will buy it and
invest in getting the park back in shape. We want GHOST TOWN back!

To see a full tour of Ghost Town, click HERE!