Ghost Town in the Sky
Construction Update

With about a month before opening, we stopped by Ghost Town to see the progress.

Looks like the gift shop is open selling stuff.....and tickets......

They are doing to resurfacing to the parking lot as well.

Here some workers travel up in the incline railroad to do more work on the tracks. The new 3 seat chair lift seats are going to be installed soon.

Ghost Town now offers season passes!

If you want any of the old Ghost Town junk, you better get in here and get it. Everything is marked WAY low and the shirts are buy one get one free. Once they are gone, you will have to find this stuff on eBay.

Red Devil? You mean Cliffhanger. I made sure I got a few of these.

Here are some new shirts featuring the new Ghost Town logo.

The Scrambler car looks great. The building that used to house the indoor scrambler is now being converted to a mountainside resturant.

You want a cool swing? Buy one of these.

I don't think it will fit in my trunk....we will bring a truck next time.

Here are prices and info on the park.

See you at the end of May!